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Navigating Life’s Choices After High School is an all-encompassing resource guide, book, and manual that WILL make your quest for information significantly easier. This resource guide was created for caregivers that want to outline a clear plan that ensure their teen moves to their next step without fear and the stressors of the unknown.


Financing your teen’s education does not have to be a mystery box of unexpected expenses. Explanations about FAFSA, scholarships, along with suggestions for internships and employment are a few ways the author of this chapter funded her own education.


This book discusses homeschool vs. public school, trade school vs. college, JROTC, military, and your teen going straight to work. This manual discusses the differences that will lead the reader to a place of mental and emotional comfort.


The perfect answer is the answer that suits the person or persons making the decision. Researching a new area, city, or state; searching for an apartment, or balancing new expenses could seem like your getting suited up to climb Mount Rushmore.


This manual, Navigating Life’s Choices After High School gives you detailed best practices that change the situation from a mountain climb to a driving over a speed bump.


Your teen’s success depends on your investment in THEIR dream. This book reminds caregivers that success looks and feels different depending on their teens hopes and dreams.

Navigating Life's Choices After High School : Success Guide

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