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Business Consulting

Do you want to start your business and need help figuring out the best path? You are in the right place or should I say, on the right website. I have over five years assisting soloprenuers create profitable companies in industries such as

  •  Perfume

  •  Insurance

  • Home Health

  • Residential and Commercial Cleaning

  • Career Coaching/Resume Writing

Let's schedule a call today to get your plan created!

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Human Resources Consulting & Business Partner

The world of Human Resources can be very tricky if you don't know the laws and regulations to govern business from state to state. As a human resource practitioner, I constantly learn new rules to law application along with best practices for the work environment.

  • Employee Handbook

  • Job Description

  • Employee Investigation

  • Employment Interviewing 

  • Business Document Creation

  • Talent Acquisition/Recruiting



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